Jonah – Theme of the Sea

Took place on Tuesday 9th May 2023, 19:00 at The Cadogan Hall

Whole concert available now to watch online just £15 for one years access.

£5 from every purchase will be donated to The Royal Society of Musicians.

What Makes a Famous Legal Mind Convert From Law to a Composer?

More About Ian Fletcher

Ian Fletcher is a solicitor qualified in Scotland and England and spent many years practising law in the City of London. Throughout his life, classical music has played a very important role and he is also professionally qualified as a pianist, organist and choral conductor. When he celebrated an important birthday a few years ago, he composed and orchestrated a song based on the words of Wordsworth’s “The Solitary Reaper” first performed in The Temple Church in the City of London.

The Story of Jonah

During the Pandemic, Ian, emboldened by the success of his song, considered carefully the possibility of writing a more substantial work. Jonah is a full scale oratorio based on the Biblical story and has been reviewed by eminent and distinguished professional musicians. It is scored for a full symphony orchestra, an adult chorus of about 100, a children`s choir of about 40 children and 4 professional soloists. The soloists sing the parts of the Narrator (soprano), Jonah ( baritone), God (bass) and the Captain of the ship and separately The King of Nineveh (baritone). It is anticipated that there will be approximately 200 participants and the World Premiere will take place in The Cadogan Hall on Tuesday 9 May 2023 at 19.00. The soloists will be Katerina Mina, Ashley Riches, Henry Waddington and Morgan Pearse. The other participants will be The National Symphony Orchestra, the London Symphony Chorus, the Farnham Youth Choir and the performance will be conducted by John Andrews.

This section (comprising verse 4) of The Solitary Reaper (words by William Wordsworth) and music composed by Ian Fletcher for his birthday concert in February 2018 within The Temple Church, London appears by kind permission of Justin Pearson and The National Symphony Orchestra who will be participating in the World Premiere of Jonah.

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